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Exploracin de la arquitectura de Oracle database.

Preparacin del entorno de base de datos.

Creacin de una base de datos Oracle.


Overview of Oracle Database 11g and related products
Overview of relational database management concepts and terminologies
Introduction to SQL and its development environments
The HR schema and the tables used in this course
Oracle Database documentation and additional resources
Retrieve Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement

List the capabilities of SQL SELECT statements
Generate a report of data from the output of a basic SELECT statement
Usage of arithmetic expressions and NULL values
Implement Column aliases
Describe the concatenation operator, literal character strings, alternative quote operator, and the DISTINCT keyword
Display the table structure using the DESCRIBE command
Restrict and Sort Data

Write queries with a WHERE clause to limit the output retrieved
Use the comparison operators and logical operators
Identify the rules of precedence for comparison and logical operators
Usage of character string literals in the WHERE clause
Write queries with an ORDER BY clause
Sort output in descending and ascending order
Substitution Variables
Use Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

Differentiate between single row and multiple row functions
Manipulate strings using character functions
Manipulate numbers with the ROUND, TRUNC, and MOD functions
Perform arithmetic with date data
Manipulate dates with the DATE functions
Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

Describe implicit and explicit data type conversion
Describe TO_CHAR, TO_NUMBER, and TO_DATE conversion functions
Nesting multiple functions
Apply the NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions to data
Use conditional IF THEN ELSE logic
Aggregated Data Using Group Functions

How aggregation functions help to produce meaningful reports?
Use the AVG, SUM, MIN, and MAX function
How to handle Null Values in a group function?
Divide the data in groups by using the GROUP BY clause
Exclude groups of date by using the HAVING clause
Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins

Write SELECT statements to access data from more than one table
Join Tables Using SQL:1999 Syntax
View data that does not meet a join condition by using outer joins
Join a table to itself by using a self join
Create Cross Joins
Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries

Use a Subquery to Solve a Problem
Execute Single-Row Sub-queries
Deploy Group Functions in a Sub-query
Multiple-Row Subqueries
Use ANY and ALL Operator in Multiple-Row Sub-queries
Use EXISTS Operator
SET Operators

What are SET operators?
Use a SET operator to combine multiple queries into a single query
Use ORDER BY Clause in Set Operations
Data Manipulation

Add New Rows to a Table
Change the Data in a Table
Use DELETE and TRUNCATE Statements
Save and discard changes with the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements
Implement Read Consistency
Describe the FOR UPDATE Clause
Use DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables

Categorize Database Objects
Create Tables using the CREATE TABLE Statement
Identify the data types
Describe Constraints
Create a table using a subquery
How to alter a table?
Drop a table
Other Schema Objects

Create, modify, and retrieve data from a view
Perform Data manipulation language (DML) operations on a view
Drop a view
Create, use, and modify a sequence
Create and maintain indexes
Create and drop synonyms

Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

Oracle Database Architecture Overview
Oracle ASM Architecture Overview
Process Architecture
Memory structrues
Logical and physical storage structures
ASM storage components
Installing your Oracle Software

Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator
Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database
Installation: System Requirements
Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
Installing Oracle Database Software
Silent Install
Creating an Oracle Database

Planning the Database
Using the DBCA to Create a Database
Password Management
Creating a Database Design Template
Using the DBCA to Delete a Database
Managing the Oracle Database Instance

Start and stop the Oracle database and components
Use Oracle Enterprise Manager
Access a database with SQLPlus
Modify database installation parameters
Describe the stages of database startup
Describe database shutdown options
View the alert log
Access dynamic performance views
Manage the ASM Instance

Set up initialization parameter files for ASM instance
Start up and shut down ASM instances
Administer ASM disk groups
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Use Enterprise Manager to create and configure the Listener
Enable Oracle Restart to monitor the listener
Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity
Identify when to use shared servers and when to use dedicated servers
Managing Database Storage Structures

Storage Structures
How Table Data Is Stored
Anatomy of a Database Block
Space Management in Tablespaces
Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database
Actions with Tablespaces
Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
Administering User Security

Database User Accounts
Predefined Administrative Accounts
Benefits of Roles
Predefined Roles
Implementing Profiles
Managing Data Concurrency

Data Concurrency
Enqueue Mechanism
Resolving Lock Conflicts
Managing Undo Data

Data Manipulation
Transactions and Undo Data
Undo Data Versus Redo Data
Configuring Undo Retention
Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Describe DBA responsibilities for security
Enable standard database auditing
Specify audit options
Review audit information
Maintain the audit trail
Database Maintenance

Manage optimizer statistics
Manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
Describe and use the advisory framework
Set alert thresholds
Use server-generated alerts
Use automated tasks
Performance Management

Performance Monitoring
Managing Memory Components
Enabling Automatic Memory Management (AMM)
Automatic Shared Memory Advisor
Using Memory Advisors
Dynamic Performance Statistics
Troubleshooting and Tuning Views
Invalid and Unusable Objects
Backup and Recovery Concepts

Part of Your Job
Statement Failure
User Error
Understanding Instance Recovery
Phases of Instance Recovery
Using the MTTR Advisor
Media Failure
Archive Log Files
Performing Database Backups

Backup Solutions: Overview
Oracle Secure Backup
User-Managed Backup
Recovery Manager (RMAN)
Configuring Backup Settings
Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File
Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area
Performing Database Recovery

Opening a Database
Data Recovery Advisor
Loss of a Control File
Loss of a Redo Log File
Data Recovery Advisor
Data Failures
Listing Data Failures
Data Recovery Advisor Views
Moving Data

Describe ways to move data
Create and use directory objects
Use SQL*Loader to move data
Use external tables to move data
General architecture of Oracle Data Pump
Use Data Pump export and import to move data
Working with Support

Use the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench
Work with Oracle Support
Log service requests (SR)
Manage patches

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rea: Oracle
Dirigida a:
Horas Tericas: 32 | Horas Prcticas: 32
Modalidad: Presencial
Valor referencial por persona: $ 980000

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