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Curso de Capacitacin: Certificacion MySQL for Database Administrators

Certificacion MySQL for Database Administrators

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The MySQL for Database Administrators course is for DBAs and other database professionals who want to install the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL databases



MySQL Product

MySQL Services and Support

MySQL Resources

Example Databases

MySQL Server and Client

The client/server model overview

Communication protocols

Connectors and MySQL

The LAMP Stack

Installation of the MySQL server

MySQL Server and Client Startup

Database Basics

Basics of Relational Databases

SQL Language and MySQL

Database Design

Database Modeling



Table Data Types

Data Types

Numeric Data Types

Temporal Data Types

Character String Data Types

The Meaning of Null

Database and Table Creation

Database Structure Creation

Database Creation

Table Creation

Basic Queries

The SELECT Statement

MySQL Workbench for SQL Development


Database and Table Maintenance

Deleting an Entire Database

Maintaining Tables

Maintaining Columns

Indexes and Constraints

Table Data Manipulation

Delete/Modify Table Row Data

The INSERT Statement

The REPLACE Statement

The UPDATE Statement

The DELETE Statement


Simple Functions

Grouping with Functions

Joining Tables

Combining Multiple Tables

Inner Joins

Outer Joins

Table Queries

What is a Subquery

Categories of Subqueries

Subquery Types

Placing Subqueries

Other Subquery Uses

Converting Subqueries to Joins

Exporting and Importing Data

Exporting Data

Importing Data


MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Workbench

Supplemental Information

Creating Views


Storage Engines

Retrieving Metadata

Performance Schema

MySQL Enterprise Backup


MySQL Overview, Products, Services

MySQL Services and Support

Supported Operating Services

MySQL Certification Program

Training Curriculum Paths

MySQL Documentation Resources

MySQL Architecture

Describe the client/server model

Understand communication protocols

Understand how the server supports storage engines

Explain the basics of how MySQL uses memory and disk space

System Administration

Choose between types of MySQL distributions

Install the MySQL Server

Describe the MySQL Server installation file structure

Start and stop the MySQL server

Upgrade MySQL

Run multiple MySQL servers on a single host

Server Configuration

Set up MySQL server configuration files

Explain the purpose of dynamic server variables

Review the server status variables available

Configure operational characteristics of the MySQL server

Describe the available log files

Explain binary logging

Clients and Tools

Describe the available clients for administrative tasks

Use MySQL administrative clients

Use the mysql command line clients

Use the mysqladmin for administrative tasks

Describe available MySQL tools

List the available APIs (drivers and connectors)

Data Types

Describe the major categories of data types

Explain the meaning of NULL

Describe column attributes

Explain character set usage with data types

Choose an appropriate data type

Obtaining Metadata

List the various metadata access methods available

Recognize the structure of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database schema

Use the available commands to view metadata

Describe differences between SHOW statements and INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables

Use the mysqlshow client program

Use INFORMATION_SCHEMA to create shell commands and SQL statements

Transaction and Locking

Use transaction control statement to run multiple SQL statements concurrently

Explain the ACID properties

Describe the transaction isolation levels

Use locking to protect transactions

InnoDB Storage Engine

Describe the InnoDB storage engine

Set the storage engine to InnoDB

Illustrate the InnoDB tablespace storage system

Efficiently configure the tablespace

Use foreign keys to attain referential integrity

Explain InnoDB locking

Other Storage Engines

Explain the general purpose of storage engines in MySQL

List the storage engines available for MySQL

Describe the key features of the MyISAM storage engine

Describe the key features of the MEMORY storage engine

Give an overview of other storage engines: FEDERATED, ARCHIVE, BLACKHOLE, NDBCLUSTER

Choose an appropriate storage engine


Define partitioning and its particular use in MySQL

Determine server partitioning support

List the reasons for using partitioning

Explain the types of partitioning

Create partitioned tables

Describe subpartitioning

Obtain partitioning metadata

Use partitioning to improve performance

User Management

Depict the user connection and query process

List requirements for user authentication

Use SHOW PROCESSLIST to show which threads are running

Create, modify and drop user accounts

List requirements for user authorization

Describe the levels of access privileges for users

List the types of privileges

Grant, modify and revoke user privileges


Recognize common security risks

Describe security risks specific to the MySQL installation

List security problems and counter-measures for network, operating system, filesystem and users

Protect your data

Use SSL for secure MySQL server connections

Explain how SSH enables a secure remote connection to the MySQL server

Find additional information for common security issues

Table Maintenance

Recognize types of table maintenance operations

Execute SQL statements for table maintenance

Client and utility programs for table maintenance

Maintain tables according to specific storage engines

Exporting and Importing Data

Exporting Data using SQL

Importing Data using SQL

Programming Inside MySQL

Creating and executing Stored Routines

Describing stored routine execution security

Creating and executing triggers

Creating, altering and dropping events

Explaining even execution scheduling


Defining views

Reasons to use views

Altering, checking and removing a view

Setting privileges for views

MySQL Backup and Recovery

Describing backup basics

Types of backups

Backup tools and utilities

Making binary and text backups

Role of log and status files in backups

Data Recovery

Introduction to Replication

Describing MySQL Replication

Managing the MySQL Binary Log

Explaining MySQL replication threads and files

Setting up a MySQL Replication Environment

Monitoring MySQL Replication

Troubleshooting MySQL Replication

Introduction to Performance Tuning

Using EXPLAIN to Analyze Queries

General Table Optimizations

Monitoring status variables that affect performance

Setting and Interpreting MySQL server Variables

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rea: MySQL
Dirigida a:
Horas Tericas: 20 | Horas Prcticas: 20
Modalidad: Presencial
Valor referencial por persona: $ 600000

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